We really wanted to find someone that would be able to bring good calm energy to our birth, and help guide us through the transition to first-time parents. Geneva was the perfect fit! She was so good at explaining all our options and expectations prior to birth and was holistic in her approach to preparing us for the entire birthing experience. During labor,  she was able to read my energy and knew exactly what I needed at any given moment. That sort of insight was invaluable to us. I would highly recommend her as a loving addition to any birth experience, and feel so lucky that we were able to have her be a part of ours.

/ Megan /


To all you first time fathers to be, this is my story. When we found out we were pregnant we were filled with joy and a little fear. The more I learned about the process and everything that would be involved the more that fear increased. Going through a childbirth class made me realize the massive challenge that a natural birth would be for my wife. Luckily the teacher of the class strongly recommended finding a doula, and it was the best investment we made in this process. I can’t emphasize enough how much it put my mind at ease knowing someone who had gone through this hundreds of times would be there to guide us toward a calm and positive experience. Geneva was present and went right into action. She always knew the best techniques to try to manage discomfort, something I would have run out of ideas on within about 30 minutes. She also helped me manage the stress of the process including making sure I ate, stayed hydrated, and took small breaks. The pushing was scary for me as our baby’s heart rate would drop during the pushes, and the doctor mentioned if it continued a Cesarean would be needed. Thank God Geneva was there to continue to coach us both through this final phase and my wife successfully gave birth to our son Ashton shortly thereafter. Geneva stuck around for a couple of hours even after the birth and took pictures, assisted with first time breast feeding, and helped us to calm down after the experience. Again, having Geneva present was the best decision and investment I made in this process and we will definitely hire her again for our next birth. She may not be able to guarantee a 4 hour labor for every first birth, but I can guarantee you will always appreciate having her there.

/  CHRIS   /