About the Midwife

geneva montano midwife doula

Geneva montano,

cpm, rm, CD(DONA)

Geneva has a true passion for serving birthing families and connecting with people on a deep and supportive level. She believes in midwifery as original medicine and believes that all people deserve to have the love and respect that is offered in the midwifery model of care. She believes that being a midwife is not just her job, but her calling.
Geneva is a Colorado native and a mother of four children born from 2000-2009, two in the hospital, two at home. She has a BA in foreign language. Geneva became interested in birth work while pregnant with her first child. She became a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator in 2004, a DONA certified birth doula in 2005, postpartum doula in 2006, a CPR instructor in 2010, was certified in sacred womb massage and birth art in 2016, completed yoga teacher training along with prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher trainings in 2018 and is working on even more fun things currently. She took a two year beginning midwifery course from 2006-2008 and had two midwifery apprenticeships from 2010-2015 with two Denver area midwives. She earned her CPM in 2016. Geneva has attended over 350 hospital births as a doula and approximately 150 homebirths as a primary or assistant midwife. She is BLS and NRP certified.
Geneva enjoys travel, painting, dance and yoga as well as exploring nature and spirituality both alone and with her friends and family. She has explored many paths of spirituality and has a deep personal practice and love of all things divine. She both leads and attends women's circles monthly, and offers community and private healing sessions. She considers herself a life-long learner and enjoys many classes on various healing modalities as well as social, racial, and reproductive justice. She completed a Spirit Medicine Apprenticeship in 2017 and is currently working on another one. Geneva is thrilled to be a part of offering a sacred and accessible option for birthing people in Colorado.


Fees for Homebirth

****We work on a sliding scale****

It is an integral part of our philosophy that this type of care is accessible to all people.

At Sacred Birth we allow you to decide how much your family can pay. We ask that if you can pay more, that you do. This allows us to care for people who cannot pay as much. On average, most families choose to pay between $2000 and $4500 for a homebirth. Please discuss with us what your needs and situation are. If you are committed to having sacred care, we are committed to helping you get it.  

The average homebirth in the Denver Metro area is $4000. The average energy/healing session is $100/hr. The average hospital birth (without insurance) costs well over $10,000 (this does not include prenatal or postpartum care).

You are welcome to join our pregnancy support circle ceremonies anytime, even if you are not a current Sacred Birth client, for a donation (no one turned away). We offer complementary prenatal care to those who are in need at these circles, as well as routine, required prenatal care to our clients.

The cost of your care includes:

  • Complete and comprehensive prenatal care, tailored to your specific needs;

  • Sacred birth circles (Centering model of care);

  • 1 personal healing bodywork/energywork session each trimester;

  • A Birthing Class

  • Attending your labor & birth;

  • 6 weeks of postpartum care & nursing/breastfeeding consultation;

  • Filing of State birth certificate & required Newborn Screening;

  • Education & birth preparation;

  • 24 hour On-Call service via phone or home visits as necessary.

The cost of your care does not include:

  • Lab fees (OB Panels, Pap and cultures, GBS screening, and other labs as needed);

  • Other services your pregnancy might require such as chiropractic care, acupuncture etc;

  • RhoGam, antibiotics, or any other medications or supplements;

  • Any referral for ultrasounds;

  • Physician consult/service fees or hospital fees;

  • Birth tub and sterile birth kit (we rent tubs for a nominal fee);

  • Newborn Screening Fees from the state;

  • Insurance Billing Fee;

  • Additional Classes you choose to attend;

  • Required Supplies for homebirth.

Fees for Doula Services

For Doula Services, we also operate on a sliding scale. Most people pay $700-$1400 for an experienced doula. We have lower cost options available.

When possible, we ask you pay in cash or check to help keep our costs low. We are open to trade/barter arrangements for a portion of costs in many cases.

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“I truly couldn’t have had a better home birth experience if I wanted it.

Geneva is super knowledgeable and put our biggest fears to rest all while being very realistic. We felt educated, informed, and in control of our decisions and welcomed a happy baby boy into the world in OUR OWN HOME!!” -KTM